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The story of planet formation

Astrophysics | 13/01/2022

We will review the field of planet formation by inviting specialized speakers. We aim to get a clear view of current view and insist on a series of 10 points that need to be urgently investigated furt

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The covid-19 pandemics

Medicine | 15/12/2021

The whole world is struggling with the covid-19 pandemics. We will analyse what can be done to get out of it as afast as possible via different strategies.

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Predicted signatures of planet formation and orbital evolution in the emission of protoplanetary discs

Astrophysics | 13/12/2021

The classical picture of protoplanetary discs being smooth, continuous structures of gas and dust has been challenged by the growing number of spatially resolved observations. These observations tell

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On the situation of our Planet

Medicine | 03/12/2021

Our planet is suffering from several purely anthropic problems, which we will detail here.

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The migrant crisis at the European border

Politics | 30/11/2021

The Belarussian government is organizing a migrant crisis at the doorstep of Europe, which we will discuss in more details.

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The signature of planet migration in transit-timing variation

Astrophysics | 22/11/2021

Planetary systems containing two or more planets sometimes appear to exhibit resonant configurations, where the period ratio between the planets is close to the period ratio of two small integers. The

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How marketing really works?

Marketing | 05/11/2021

How marketing really works? You'll find out in this seminar!

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Medicine | 05/11/2021


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Exploring the near-Earth asteroid diversity: the ANIME CubeSat mission concept

Astrophysics | 25/10/2021

The “Asteroid Nodal Intersection Multiple Encounters” (ANIME) mission concept has been developed in response to the 2020 Italian Space Agency (ASI) call for ideas for future CubeSat missions. ANIME ai

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Exploring the local universe

Physics | 22/10/2021

We will go through all the techniques that are available to explore our local universe!

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