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Manufacture of odd-shape small bodies in space with application to Oumuamua

Astrophysics | 08/02/2021

Most small bodies with sizes larger than tens of meters are made of numerous pieces of rocks and sometimes ices that have coalesced under the influence of gravity (so-called “rubble piles”). As their

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The Mars 2020 and ExoMars landing sites from an orbital perspective

Astrophysics | 01/02/2021

In this week's LESIA (exo)planet seminar Lucia Mandon will tell us about "The Mars 2020 and ExoMars landing sites from an orbital perspective"

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Research about the brain functions

Literature | 01/02/2021

Who will win the throne?

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The exoplanet day

Informatics | 30/01/2021

A gathering of exoplaneteers for talking science!

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Tara Oceans: Eco-Systems Biology at Planetary Scale

Biology | 27/01/2021

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth and yet we know very little about it. This is particularly true for the plankton that drift within, even though they form the base of marine food webs and a

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Transit of exoplanets

Astrophysics | 14/01/2021

Let's talk about all work related to the transit method to detect atmospheres. How to improve data collection, data calibration and reduce error bars...

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About exoplanet atmospheres

Astrophysics | 13/01/2021

This is a one-day session dedicated to exoplanet atmospheres. We will talk about subjects going from clouds, composition, chemistry, models, to different types of observations with current and future

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The Exoplanet Conference

Astrophysics | 12/01/2021

This is a conference about exoplanets at large both from a theoretical and an observational point of view. The conference will host parallel sessions to account for the large diversity of the communit

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Test MIC 2020

Indian Economy | 05/01/2021

TEST Conference abstract

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On the propagation of Covid-19

Medicine | 16/12/2020

This conference aims at looking at all the factors that help to propagate the covid-19 virus and how to mitigate them. All researchers working on covid-19 at large are welcome to present their work. W

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