About exoplanet atmospheres (see conference website)

Astrophysics | 13/01/2021 | Organized by CarbonFree Conf

This is a one-day session dedicated to exoplanet atmospheres. We will talk about subjects going from clouds, composition, chemistry, models, to different types of observations with current and future instruments.


John Smith (Organizer,Talk) > Water content of Subneptunes

Quentin Kral (Talk) > The atmospheres of circumbinary planets

Stephanie Person (Poster) > About hydrogen atmospheres

CarbonFree Conf (Organizer,Talk) > Your title

Quentin Kral (Poster) > Your title

Florian Martin (Talk) > Model of clouds in brown dwarfs

Posters: Yes | Recording: Yes | Proceedings: No | Number of participants: 50-100 people

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