What do we do

CarbonFreeConf allows you to create online conferences, where all participants (presenters, organizers, attendees) are gathered in a virtual classroom. They can then communicate online via audio and video. Each participant can watch the online presentations, and participate interactively, with questions or remarks that can be up-voted by other participants. If it had to be summarized in a few words, it is a mixture between Zoom+Slack+Indico+Live streaming+archived videos.

It is a novel way of bringing our research work to reality, while avoiding the costs of traveling as well as too much carbon emission. Just imagine how much CO2 a single commercial flight releases into the atmosphere? And now 50 or a 100? Attending online conferences can save carbon emissions associated with travelling to meetings, workshops, and schools. Organising virtual conferences will still produce a slight amount of emissions but CarbonFreeConf offsets this emission using the services of companies specialized in pumping carbon from our atmospheres.

We also provide all the tools to make the experience unique and organize your conference as easily as possible by only clicking a few buttons that will create your conference or meeting website (see an example), which will be used by your attendees to register or connect to the conference on the big day!

As a conclusion, these online conferences are an efficient way to communicate our research work, save time and money, and most of all, to reduce our carbon footprints!

To check the ways we use to offset carbon emissions, check this page. Our policy on this is to use methods that are effective at actually removing CO2 from our atmospheres, in quantities, which can be measured accurately.

How do we offset carbon emissions?