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Open-source conference platform for low carbon event.

Your all-in-one solution for video conferences. Our service platform handles your website, participants, video recordings, abstracts, registration fees, posters and more.

Set-up your personalized conference in a few clicks

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Fill in basic informations

Name your conference, add a short description, select a few options that best suit you, and voilà, you're pretty much all set.

We generate your conference website

Once you're ready to go, we provide you with a complete website with everything the participants need to know: what's it all about, schedules, access to the meeting, prices, and many more.

Follow up with your participants

You can schedule your program with co-organizers and the program committee, contact your participants, send them invites to give talks and reviews, customize your conference room, set-up a powerful chat room...

The best features for green and worldwide meetings

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Easily create and customize your online conference

Your workshop can be created within a few minutes with an automatically generated website, so you can focus on what matters the most, the conferences!

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Go low carbon for your virtual conference

Carbon emissions are reduced to a minimum with our platform.

See our Carbon Emission Calculator
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Keep track of your online event

The whole event you're creating can be recorded and uploaded to our platform, or even YouTube.

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Bringing to you the optimal video conference experience

All the tools necessary to manage and create your conference from your desk

We provide easy emailing to participants, a program scheduler. We handle abstract submissions, participant fees, talks recordings, and more.

No download to access the conference

Your participants can join your conference directly on our website without any complicated unnecessary software download.

The code is open source

Everyone can take the CarbonFreeConf code to organize its own conference and/or collaborate directly on github and push new developments to constantly improve the way we share research online.

Ergonomic conference rooms

Your participants can connect from computers, tablets, phones and have access to a series of handy features, such as a whiteboard, share screen, ask questions, tweet, chat...

Proceedings to enhance your online conference

If your participants need to write a proceeding after the conference, we handle everything. They can type it in on our platform and we will then store it and give access to it via our website.

Invite participants, academics and speakers easily

You can decide that the conference is free for some participants (e.g. review or discussion talks, young participants with no funding, ...). This is all doable in one click.

Organize large conferences also for free

You can decide to make your participants pay fees to participate to your conference. In this case, we will collect the money for you and transfer it to you when the conference is over.

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Ecological vision by the founder

An ecological vision intended for internation conferences

Dear colleagues, I am an academic myself, working in Astrophysics. I developed CarbonFreeConf because I came to the realization that it was important to reduce our carbon footprint as researchers and still be able to share our research results. Traveling to the other side of the world for each conference and flying hundreds of people there might not be the wisest solution.

That is why I now propose a new and easy solution to create low-carbon virtual conferences. The idea is to try to make our virtual gatherings more efficient than in-person meetings thanks to the power of technology. The code is open source and collaborative to keep on improving the way we share research online. Even more than that, we can reduce our carbon footprint by orders of magnitude when gathering virtually while still reaching the same goals, i.e., learn about new results in our field, share our new findings, meet new people, network, ...

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