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You are an academic and would like to run a carbon neutral conference about your research field but not spend all your time on organizing? CarbonFreeConf developed all the tools for you to create your webinar in a few minutes (in brief, it is a mix between Zoom, Slack, Indico and more). We will automatically create a website for your conference (see an example) where interested participants can come and subscribe. Meetings with less than 50 participants for one day are free for you and your participants (i.e., it is most workshops). In a few clicks, you can schedule your program with co-organizers and the program committee, contact your participants, invite them to give talks or reviews, customize your conference room, set-up a powerful chat room...

Some words from the founder

Dear colleagues,
I am an academic myself, working in Astrophysics . I developed CarbonFreeConf because I came to the realization that it was important to reduce our carbon footprint as researchers and still be able to share our research results. Traveling to the other side of the world for each conference and flying hundreds of people there might not be the wisest solution . That is why I now propose a new and easy solution to create carbon-free virtual conferences that fits in quite well with the current Covid-19 situation because we cannot see each other in person at the moment. The idea is to try to make our virtual gatherings more efficient than in-person meetings thanks to the power of technology. Even more than that, we can reduce our carbon footprint by orders of magnitude when gathering virtually while still reaching the same goals, i.e., learn about new results in our field, share our new findings, meet new people, network, ... To be sure that the carbon emissions of the virtual conference is really zero, we offset all carbon emissions produced via a company specialized in capturing CO2 from the air . You can offset the emissions directly on their website or we can handle it for you as it may be easier. I decided to give the opportunity to make most meetings free (except for the carbon offset, which is very important to not participate in global warming ). However, for bigger meetings requiring multi-sessions and a large number of participants, there is of course a fee associated with it because CarbonFreeConf has to pay for e.g. running multiple large Zoom-like conference rooms with hundreds of participants while maintaining an excellent streaming quality as well as providing support during conferences when needed . The fees can be shared across all attendees and it is also possible to make a profit that can be assigned to more offsetting or paid to you (though it is not recommended unless you state exactly what you will do with the extra money to your participants, e.g. offsetting emissions at your institute, conference prize, ...).

Our Best Features

We list here our strengths and why you would want to use our platform to make your online webinar. We are the first to provide this service for researchers across the world. Even when Covid-19 will cease to be an issue, we will need the webinar solutions provided by CarbonFreeConf to organize, plan, advertize and share an upcoming conference and hold it online in the best conditions - or in a hybrid fashion - and in a carbon free fashion.

Carbon Free

We are the first company that makes virtual conferences totally carbon-neutral by offsetting their emissions.

Gain time

A workshop can be created in a few minutes, which leaves free time to schedule the conference program and invite participants.

Record talks

The whole conference can be recorded, stored, and viewed on our platform. You decide if you make it public, want to post it to YouTube, ...

Ergonomic conference room

Our meeting rooms do not require any software download and are easily accessible and secured. participants can use a white board, chat, send questions to presenters, tweet, add handouts, share screen, videos, connect from mobile phones, ...

Organize for free

You can ask for a fee to your participants (for non-free meetings), which will make up for the offsetting and our fees but could also end up with some profits. You can decide to assign the profit to offset more emissions (altruistic vision) or to be transferred to you after the conference.


Automatic conference website

Do not waste your time making a website, we create one for your conference from all information you provide (see an example). It has all necessary information on it and participants can register/pay via your conference website.

All the tools necessary to manage and record your conference from your desk

We provide easy emailing to participants, a program scheduler. We handle abstract submissions, participant fees, talks recordings, ...

No download to access the conference

Your participants can join your conference directly on our website without any complicated unnecessary software download.

A conference website

We create a website (see an example) for your workshop with all necessary information for your attendees. They can register and pay (if not free) for your conference on this website.

Carbon neutral

All our conferences offset their emissions so that researchers can still disseminate their results without impacting the total carbon budget of the Earth (see our carbon emission calculator).

Pre-upload slides and/or videos of the talks

Your participants can pre-upload their slides or posters in the conference room so that it is accessible from moderators and can be put on the conference screen very quickly without losing time. If your attendees are absent, they can also pre-record their talk on our platform.

Material Destiny Template displayed on iPhone

Ergonomic conference rooms

Your participants can connect from computers, tablets, phones and have access to a series of handy features, such as a whiteboard, share screen, share handouts or videos, ask questions, tweet, chat...


If your participants need to write a proceeding after the conference, we handle everything. They can type it in on our platform and we will then store it ang give access to it via our website

Invite participants easily

You can decide that the conference is free for some participants (e.g. review or discussion talks, young participants with no funding, ...). This is all doable in one click.

Organize large conferences also for free

You can decide to make your participants pay fees to participate to your conference. In this case, we will collect the money for you and transfer it to you when the conference is over (or you can be altruistic and decide that the extra money goes towards more offsetting). For instance, if you ask for 40 € to each of the 100 potential participants, it already covers the expenses for the conference (about 280 € for five days) and CO2 offset (about 110 € for five days) and leaves a profit of about 3200 € (that could be used for conference prizes or to offset more carbon emissions or for reorganizing a carbon-neutral conference for free for your participants or to employ someone to help organizing it).

Be pragmatic and see behind the scene by yourself

How to organize a virtual meeting for researchers?
What is CarbonFreeConf for?
What can you do with us?

CarbonFreeConf is a platform to organize virtual research conferences. It is aimed at being carbon free by offsetting emissions that are produced by conferences.

How to create a carbon-free virtual conference?
How to use CarbonFreeConf?
Check out our Tutorial!

It is very easy to create a conference and just requires a few clicks. Your participants will not need to download any software. If you need help, you can follow our 10-minutes tutorial.

Research conference videos
Access to archival conference videos
Go to the archives

You can look for and access previous conference videos. This is really a gold mine for researchers and you should go have a look now as you may be able to learn a lot about your research field!

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