On the propagation of Covid-19 (voir le site web de la conférence)

Medicine | 16/12/2020 -17/12/2020 | Organisé par CarbonFree Conf | Voir les enregistrements

This conference aims at looking at all the factors that help to propagate the covid-19 virus and how to mitigate them. All researchers working on covid-19 at large are welcome to present their work. We would like to encourage interdisciplinarity to come up with new interesting ideas for the near-future (e.g. vaccines, experiments to carry out, ...).


Quentin Kral (Talk) > About a new vaccine

Florian Martin (Program committee member,Talk) > How to measure the propagation effectively

Stephanie Person (Program committee member,Poster) > On the statistics of the covid-19 propagation when using masks

CarbonFree Conf (Organizer,Talk) > Your title

Posters : Oui | Enregistrement : Oui | Actes de conférences : Non | Nombre de participants : 50-100 people

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