The Exoplanet Conference (voir le site web de la conférence)

Astrophysics | 12/01/2021 -14/01/2021 | Organisé par CarbonFree Conf | Voir les enregistrements

This is a conference about exoplanets at large both from a theoretical and an observational point of view. The conference will host parallel sessions to account for the large diversity of the community of researchers working on exoplanets. It will tackle sessions about Transit, RVs, TESS, atmospheres, population synthesis and more...


Stephanie Person (Program committee member,Talk) > The atmosphere of K2-18 b

CarbonFree Conf (Organizer,Talk) > Your title

Florian Martin (Program committee member,Poster) > Poster about the transit of Venus

Quentin Kral (Talk) > To modify

Posters : Oui | Enregistrement : Oui | Actes de conférences : Non | Nombre de participants : <10 people

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