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Conference finished on 07/06/2021

Atelier Général ASHRA: bilan et prospective de l'interférométrie optique (Session 5)

L'objet de cet atelier est multiple: offrir un cadre pour faire un bilan global des performances actuelles des moyens en place; faire un tour d'horizon des projets et de la R&D en cours dans les laboratoires; et évoquer les infrastructures du futur.


Session 5 is part of the master conference "Semaine de l'astrophysique française 2021"

Conference Guidelines

Each speaker has a 20-minute time slot and should shoot for a 15-17 min presentation leaving between 3 and 5 minutes to have questions and exchanges with the audience.

The meeting will be broadcast over zoom (linked through the session webpage on the day).

The zoom link will be open from 13:30 so as to give us all the time to check that every presentation is good to go. Please check in before 14:00, when the session actually starts!

Thank you for your interest in this session and your submissions!



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