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Conference finished on 07/06/2021

Thèses et post-docs : bonheur et mal-être (Session 27)

FR: Aujourd'hui les doctorants et les post-docs en astrophysique peuvent être soumis à de grandes quantités de stress, qui parfois peuvent les submerger. La crise sanitaire n'a pas aidé à améliorer la situation. Nous proposons un atelier où ils peuvent partager librement des expériences et chercher des solutions pour améliorer le quotidien, afin qu'ils se sentent valorisés, épanouis et rassurés.

EN: PhD students and post-docs in astrophysics can be subjected to a lot of stress, which can get to the point where they feel overwhelmed. The recent pandemic has done little to help the situation. We propose a workshop where PhD students, post-docs and others working in astrophysics can share their experiences and together seek out solutions to improve their daily life, so that they feel appreciated, fulfilled and reassured.


Session 27 is part of the master conference "Semaine de l'astrophysique française 2021"

Conference Guidelines

FR: Malgré le fait que les doctorants et post-doctorants sont identifiés dans la déscription de l'atelier, l'atelier est ouvert à tous. Pendant l'atelier nous présenterons les résultats d'un sondage national concernant le bien-être en astrophysique et il y aura quelques présentations sur certains sujets identifiés dans la déscription de l'atelier, mais la grande partie de la session sera dédié à la discussion avec l'ensemble des participants afin d'explorer des méthodes pour améliorer les vécus pendant la période en thèse et en contrat(s) post-doctoral(ux).

EN: Whilst the description of the workshop identifies PhD students and post-docs, it is open to anyone working in astrophysics. We will present the results of a national survey on well-being in astrophysics and there will be some talks on certain areas highlighted in the workshop description, but the majority of the session will be dedicated to discussion with all of the participants in order to explore solutions that could help to improve the PhD and post-doctoral period.

During the workshop, we hope to trigger discussions with all participants regarding personal experiences or difficulties, as well as any ideas or propositions that might help resolve the various issues revealed by the survey. The workshop is organized by themes and all contributions are welcomed, either orally (by raising your hand in the application) or through the chat system. The chat also allows for anonymous interventions, which can be used if you would prefer to remain unidentified when sharing an experience that is personal. In addition, while English is the preferred language for this discussion in order to reach the largest possible audience, interventions in French are of course also welcomed. Topics discussed during this afternoon include : Precarity, harassment / discrimination, work-related stress / imposter syndrome, relationship problems, COVID-19-related stress, and how to get help. Finally, we remind you that in the main conference chat room, a thread dedicated to this workshop will remain open throughout the conference week. We will monitor this channel and collect comments or suggestions you may want to share. Thank you for your participation!

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