Conference started on 12/01/2021 and finished on 14/01/2021

The Exoplanet Conference

This is a conference about exoplanets at large both from a theoretical and an observational point of view. The conference will host parallel sessions to account for the large diversity of the community of researchers working on exoplanets. It will tackle sessions about Transit, RVs, TESS, atmospheres, population synthesis and more... You should register to share your work with the Exoplanet community.


*Participants must pay 10.0 US Dollars to participate
*but the profit made from the participation fees will go towards offsetting more carbon emissions than that produced by the conference as was decided by the altruistic organizers.

Participate in individual sessions of the conference?: [Coruscant - Transit of exoplanets] [Tatooine - About exoplanet atmospheres]

Conference Guidelines

Register before the end of November. The conference is made of invited speakers and participants who register by themselves here. It costs 50 euros per subscription. This fee will go into the offset of the carbon emissions produced by the conference.