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Informatics | 14/01/2021


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Transit of exoplanets

Astrophysics | 14/01/2021

Let's talk about all work related to the transit method to detect atmospheres. How to improve data collection, data calibration and reduce error bars...

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About exoplanet atmospheres

Astrophysics | 13/01/2021

This is a one-day session dedicated to exoplanet atmospheres. We will talk about subjects going from clouds, composition, chemistry, models, to different types of observations with current and future

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The Exoplanet Conference

Astrophysics | 12/01/2021

This is a conference about exoplanets at large both from a theoretical and an observational point of view. The conference will host parallel sessions to account for the large diversity of the communit

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Test MIC 2020

Indian Economy | 05/01/2021

TEST Conference abstract

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On the propagation of Covid-19

Medicine | 16/12/2020

This conference aims at looking at all the factors that help to propagate the covid-19 virus and how to mitigate them. All researchers working on covid-19 at large are welcome to present their work. W

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